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Free to Bee Me was created by an individual who felt like she could rarely be free to bee herself. She hid her emotions to protect herself and others from embarrassment, guilt, and shame. Hid her personality to protect herself from ridicule. Hid her voice to protect herself from being judged. Until she realized she shouldn't feel this way, she should be free to bee herself.

We are born into a society that is very difficult to live in and we are affected by it emotionally, physically, and mentally. We are affected by our environment, our social networks, economics, and our genetics. Each of us is affected differently by our life experiences. Think of siblings who grow up in the same household and were spanked, one says, "It was nothing, I turned out fine" the other says, "I had a horrible childhood." It is how we perceive and interpret our life experiences that has an affect the way we think, feel and behave. Sometimes these effects are so entrenched in our being that we are not even aware that something is off because we got used to feeling a certain way, it became our norm. Think of a child born into chaos, anxiety is 'normal' for them because they may have never felt life any other way.

None of us choose to be unwell and unhappy, it sometimes just happens due to life events and the way we are programmed.

Free to Bee Me supports individuals in various aspects of their life from daily struggles to historical events that still affect their mental health and wellbeing. Free to Bee Me's ultimate goal is for individuals to feel content, at peace, and joyous because we deserve to be free. 

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Trauma and Abuse

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