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What is Theraplay ?


Theraplay “build's relationships from the inside out.” We create an active and emotional connection between the child and caregiver, resulting in a changed view of the self as worthy and lovable and of relationships as positive and rewarding.

Strong attachment between the child and the important adults in their life has long been believed to be the basis of lifelong good mental health as well as the mainstay of resilience in the face of adversity. Modern brain research and the field of neuroscience have shown that attachment is the way in which children come to understand, trust and thrive in their world. Therapy for your child is a major decision, often made when the family is in crisis or has "tried everything else." 

In treatment, the Theraplay Practitioner guides the parent and child through playful, fun games, developmentally challenging activities, and tender, nurturing activities. The very act of engaging each other in this way helps the parent regulate the child's behavior and communicate love, joy, and safety to the child. It helps the child feel secure, cared for, connected and worthy.

One of the major advantages of Theraplay is that the change can happen very quickly once the treatment begins.

Information provided above is from The Theraplay Institute. For more information please visit 

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