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Children & teen

Counselling & Therapy Services

Children and Teens are no different than adults when it comes to being affected by life's struggles. As a child we develop negative beliefs about ourselves and harbour feelings of guilt, shame, mistrust, inferiority, worthlessness, identity problems all before the age of 4, including in utero!! -Shocking right!! During our formative years we are sponges, fragile eggs, beautiful little butterflies that can be hurt so easily because we are so influenced by the outside world that it easily changes who we are, how we feel, think and behave.  Children are at a higher risk to develop mental health and behavioural problems due to their inability to self-regulate and make sense of events on their own. Children and Teens experience grief, loss, depression, and anxiety and can be impacted by trauma, witnessing violence, experiencing abuse, bullying, academic struggles, and everyday problems.

Free to Bee Me can support a child as they work through these difficult experiences while learning to how regulate their emotions and decrease maladaptive behaviours. i 

Parents and/or or guardians are asked to engage in therapy, depending on the circumstances and safety, whether that is doing individual therapy, Theraplay, or Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy.  Children and teens will have the most success when they are properly supported by their loved ones. (See, Families page) Free to Bee Me supports parents and their children. Supportive relationships are those which are there during every step of the journey, learning how to be together, how to work together, how to accept each other, and how to love each other.


Free to Bee Me can help you and your children build a trusting, loving, and caring relationship; develop coping skills, social skills, boundaries; and enhance communication and parenting skills. i 

Services for Children and Teens include:

iIndividual, Parent-child work, and group work. Techniques used are Play and Theraplay, EMDR, and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy.

iParenting support (including foster parents, adoptive parents, and guardians): Education, skill building, counselling, relationship building.

iParent/child/sibling relationship building

iBehaviour Management

iExtended Family caring for a child after apprehension, loss, or trauma.

iReunification Services: Child welfare- new placement, at-risk of placement breakdown; Parent returning to the family after a long absence ex. military leave, incarceration, school leave. 

Prior to working with children and teens, permission is needed by both parents and/or proof of legal guardianship prior to treatment i

a therapy is a healing process that needs participation and investment from the Participant and caretaker alike a

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