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Family therapy

Family relationships are precious and crucial throughout all developmental stages. There are many different circumstances that put strain on relationships such as, losses/death/grief, blended families, new spouse or caregiver, personality differences, addictions, violence, abuse, communication problems, finances, mental health, maladaptive behaviours, neglect, and much more. These can have an affect on relationships to a point where we just want to 'give up' on a loved one, we may become aggressive or abusive, we may even end or block the relationship all together.


Free to Bee Me,  provides services that can help families with a range of relational and emotional challenges. i 

Examples of services:

i Parenting support: Education, skill building, counselling, relationship building.

i Parent/child/sibling relationship building

i Behaviour Management

i Support for Foster and Adoptive Parents

i Extended Family caring for a child after apprehension, loss, or trauma.

i Reunification Services: Child welfare- new placement, at-risk of placement breakdown; Parent returning to the family after a long absence ex. military leave, incarceration, school leave.i

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